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Available Inventory

Bruno Moreschi
Bruno Moreschi is a visual artist that within many fronts works in art projects that investigate the operation of systems, including the visual arts. In ARTBOOK, e.g. Moreschi dedicated himself up for three years to create, catalog, assembling works and biographies of artists, all created by him. The result was a trilingual encyclopedia that brings together 311 works by 50 alleged artists - created from patterns, clichés and tics identified in works of contemporary art. Moreschi works are the results of a long duration research which combines characteristics of conceptual art, but also a peculiar virtuosity as can be seen in one of his pieces where he remakes by hand, letter by letter, as a multiple-page drawing, the story of Pierre Menard, Author of Don Quixote by Jorge Luis Borges.

Marga Puntel
The Paraná artist Marga Puntel investigates the landscape especially through photographic medium, such as the installation Narrative Presence Absence (2002-05), displayed at Paço das Artes. As pointed by the critic Daniela Ribeiro Maura, "in Marga's proposal, the human being is not part of the landscape in the usual way, i.e., as a visitor or spectator. He enters to be landscape. Therefore, the intention of the artist is not simply to record _ pure and simply _ the landscape and its nuances or catch it their visitors. On the contrary. The interest of Marga is to pre-conceive a situation to a  particular landscape and stage it [...] in order to cause us to doubt whether the landscape, before which we are, is real or artificial". Similar approaches occur in works such as Parque Lage / Green and Red Immersion (2004) and Green Immersion (2004-05). The three-dimensional, also dealing with nature and artifice, is decisive in her photographic series such as Transportable Landscapes - Vegetation Series (2012).


 Caetano Dias
Caetano Dias is considered by the national critic as one of the most important artists to appear in the last years in Bahia. He started his career with urban intervention, painting in public spaces in Salvador. Currently, his work doesn't focus in one media or technique, working with videos, paintings, tridimensional pieces, multimedia installations and digital photography.


Ayrson Heráclito
Ayrson Heráclito is a visual artist with participation in various solo shows, fairs, festivals and Bienals in Brazil and around the world. Focused in photography, in his work we see the dendê, Colonial Brazil, ch’arki, sugar, fish, sperm and blood, bodies, pain, rapture, apartheids and dreams of freedom.