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Andrey Zignnatto is considered an emerging talent in the contemporary art scene in the country, especially in its dealing with three-dimensional. From 2012 to 2015, has more than a dozen awards and participation in events related to the area, such as competitions, group and individual exhibitions. Among them, there is the Honor Award of Merit - Art and Heritage, organized by Iphan / MinC, nationwide. Because of this announcement, Zignnatto presented to the public an early version of Erosions, displayed in 2014 at the prestigious Imperial Palace in Rio de Janeiro. The conference also had the participation of artists who use ordinary building structures to support pieces that explore the space.


Self-taught, Zignnatto took as one of its formal axes the brick, from your own experience in pottery in the country side of the city of São Paulo, where he was born and worked for four years as a bricklayer's assistant. Varied series emerged from the clash between formal experimentation made with this matter and the idea / concept that the artist wanted to emphasize, asStructural Studies Module (2012), Guillotine (2013), Structural Tension (2013) and those presented in Displacement, its first individual exhibition in São Paulo galleries, held in Blau Projects - Cover I and Cover II, both of 2015.Erosion is a natural extension of such studio experiences translated into more traditional expository environments such as the 'white cube' Blau Projects and rooms of the Imperial Palace Imperial. Zignnatto, in line with other young artists of contemporary Brazilian scene, investigates the issues of the current metropolis through these banal building modules that resignified, provide poetic readings. However, it is not the only line of investigation and research developed by the artist, who also discusses the representation systems, especially the works from grids.