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The works of the artist from Minas Gerais Pedro David has relations in the various strains and intensities of the human being, with his own surroundings as a poetic axis. And it is by photography that his production spreads, even in other mediums as the tridimensional and the printed ones. Ever since the pungent projects Underwater Landscape(in a partnership with João Castilho and Pedro Motta, with registrations made between 2002 and 2007), that captured the imposed transformation to cities flooded by a dam in the river Jequitinhonha, in Minas Gerais, David elects the landscape as crucial data in his production and uses procedures, investigations and approaches that much differ from those of a photojournalist, for example. "Pedro David dodges the already stereotyped representations and undertakes a trip, minuscule in its geographic dimensions, in which transpires his own experience and where there can be recognized, amongst others, echoes of literature, painting, sculpture and land art”, writes the influential critic Alejandro Castellote about the series The Garden(2012). And, furthermore, the mythical hinterlands (sertão) of the Cinema Novo (New Cinema) are the focus of the fragmented reinventions that the views of the artist propose in series such as Stone Man (2011), just as he renews the tradition of the travelling-artist in a project like Rout Root, registered between 2002 and 2012.