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#01 C.LAB . “... pegaríamos as coisas onde elas crescem, pelo meio...”
Ana Dias Batista
Fabio Morais
Laura Gorski
Jimson Vilela
Jorge Menna Barreto
Thiago Honório

São Paulo – from December 13 to February 14 Blau Projects will feature the exhibition ... we would take things from where they grow, through the middle..., curated by Galciani Neves. The project was approved by C.LAB, a juried show created by the gallery, and features works by Ana Dias Batista, Fabio Morais, Laura Gorski, Jimson Vilela, Jorge Menna Barreto and Thiago Honório.

The collective project addresses the concept of the middle as a way to escape from normative definitions and limitations that the demands from a beginning and an end cause in art. The result is a group of works paralyzed in moments of transitions and happenings, as if they needed to be continued in observer’s interpretation. 

The title/curatorial proposal is a citation from the French post-structuralist philosopher Gilles Deleuze, for whom normative definitions and demands of beginning and ends limit art. Starting from this assumption, the artists proposed to create and gather pieces with no ending, which suggest continuity for beyond them. 

The "middle,” in this project, is a moment of transition, an invitation to the public to discover the polysemous routes proposed by each artist. The "middle” is always a beginning, a continuation, a flirtation with the public in the course of diverse constructions of meaning. 

In the installation Com efeito, by Ana Dias Batista, for example, a bowling alley is created with a reel of Kraft paper accompanied by a bowling ball in its extremities, suggesting the continuity in the object’s movement. In Vídeo, by Fabio Morais, a video is reproduced in loop accompanied by a text that also has a cyclical narrative. Pieces and installations by the artists Jimson Vilela, Jorge Menna Barreto, Laura Gorski and Thiago Honório will also be exhibited. 


C.Lab is a open call project started by Blau Projects. With financial support from the gallery, the chosen applicants have the opportunity to execute a solo or group curatorial project. An independent commission, composed by the artist Albano Afonso and the critics and curators Márcio Harum and Marcus Lontra Costa, evaluated the projects according to the following criteria:  project’s relevance in the contemporary art scene, project’s objectivity and viability, creativity, originality and mastery of the technique used. 

Galciani Neves

Masters and Doctorate in Communication and Semiotics by PUC-SP, professor, curator and researcher. She has conducted research on procedures of creation of artist’s books in Brazil and on the practice of Brazilian critics. She is an undergraduate professor in the Studio Arts department, and in the graduate department of Photography at FAAP. She is also a graduate professor in the art department at Universidade Federal do Ceará and teaches at Escola Entrópica at Instituto Tomie Othake.