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#4 C.LAB Mercosul . Desarticulaciones . Curated by María Alejandra Gatti

Blau Projects presents, from July 08 to August 12, the exhibition Desarticulaciones, curated by María Alejandra Gatti. The exhibition was selected through #04 C.LAB Mercosul, an open call for young curators, promoted by Blau Projects and currently on its fourth edition. C.LAB is about a change between artists, institutions, galleries and curators through exhibitions that reinforce the role of the gallery as an incubator and broadcaster of contemporary art. The artists featured in the exhibition are Alan Segal, Lorena Marchetti, Lihuel González, Lorena Fernández and Verónica Gómez, plus five writers chosen to elaborate a text for each of the presented works.

The exhibition Desarticulaciones intends to formulate in the space an argument constructed from pieces that discuss the idea of translation as a passage. As a visual poem, it presents the word "traductio", that may be defined by the action of steering from one side to another, being composed of three parts. One of them is the prefix "trans", synonym of "from one side to another", the verb "ducere", that means "steering", and the suffix "cion", that represents the "action". The idea is to show the action from one side to another, from one language to another and from one artistic language to another.

The artworks use sound overlaps, the mix of languages from photography to painting, transpositions of literary pieces to the visual arts, among other compositions. The participation of Brazilian contemporary writers along with the five Argentinean artists - whose production reveal this operation on different directions - aims specifically at strengthening the concept of translation as landscape, not only in terms of the spatial registry, but also as a play on languages.

Among the confirmed authors are Nicholas Petrus (on Lihuel González), Thais Gouveia (on Verónica Gómez), Fabiana Faleiros (on Lorena Fernández) and Marcelo Carnevale (on Lorena Marchetti). The author that will write on the work of Alan Segal is still not confirmed yet. They will elaborate poetic texts inspired by the selected artists and, on the last day of the exhibition, they will read their work out loud, producing new articulations and paths for the featured pieces.

The name of the exhibition is inspired by the namesake book, Desarticulaciones, by Argentinean writer Sylvia Molloy, published in Buenos Aires in 2010.

María Alejandra Gatti

The curator that currently works as General Coordinator of the Memory Park - A Monument to the Victims of State Terrorist, a space where art, memory and human rights are mixed up together. As independent editor and curator, she coordinates the cycle "Escenario Prestado", and editorial project that conjoins visual arts and literature, and codirects the project Catalog of dance texts, declared as a cultural interest in Buenos Aires and selected to participate on the international residency NAVE, in Santiago, Chile, in 2017. She is currently writing her first book as an independent artist to be published in 2018.

Sobre o C.LAB

Conceived as a project independent from the regular program of exhibitions of Blau Projects, the annual open call C.LAB selects and supports projects of independent curators and artists in an exhibition in the gallery space, strengthening its role of incubator and diffuser of contemporary art.

The first edition, in 2014, resulted in the production and exhibition of the projects Ampulheta, by curator Douglas Negrisolli, and (...) pegaríamos as coisas onde elas crescem, pelo meio (...), by curator Galciani Neves. In 2015, the second edition of C.LAB presented as a result the exhibitions Na Iminência, by curator Carolina Soares, and Território, povoação, by curators Gabriel Bogossian and Juliana Gontijo. In 2016, there were two selected curatorships, Formas de abandonar o corpo – Parte I, by Natália Quinderé, and Miniaturas, maquetes, vodu e outras projeções políticas, by Claudia Rodriguez Ponga Linares.

The selection committees are independent and have solid criteria of evaluation. Some names who have occupied this function are the Colombian curator Isabela Villanueva, Argentinean Gachi Prietto, Cuban naturalized Brazilian Andrés Hernandez, German Alfons Hug, Portuguese Marta Mestre and Brazilian Rafael Fonseca. In 2017, the selection committee was composed by Brazilian curator Mario Gioia, Colombia Santiago Rueda and Argentinean Mariana Rodriguez Iglesias. More information at:

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