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Archipelago of instants

Blau Projects inaugurates, on August 19, the exhibition Archipelago of instants, a solo show featuring Laura Gorski, an artist from São Paulo. With about 30 unseen pieces, the show presents drawings, photographs and installations. The critical text is by curator Márcio Harum.

With installations, photographs and drawings in which water is transmuted, the artist brings forth the enchantment for the landscape and for the suspension of time. Starting at the drawings, her work has gained defined dimension and structure influenced by nature's elements, always connected to a desire for contemplation. Formally graduated in design and with influences of the written word, of poetry, and of her passages in residencies and study groups of various themes, from art to philosophy, Laura searches the structuration of the drawing in a dialogue with issues of the transitory world.

In this exhibition, she presents a new series of drawings of variable dimensions, in which she explores a new color pallet (in her former works, black was always present), bringing forth a golden tone, and dips them in water looking for an immersion of the pictoric matter and its transformation. The issues on permanence and the transitory are drafted in water submerged mountains, dissolving the ink into pigments.

Besides the series of drawings, the artist also presents an installation where the drawing is exposed to the action of time being soaked in water that then evaporates. This construction of silent spaces and of immanence are still present in her work.

Laura Gorski also presents a photograph that remits to a previous piece made in partnership with artist Renata Cruz, from the series Useful days, a photo that shows both artists submersed in a bathtub filled with a black liquid that contraposes the blue background. On her current work, Laura fuses her recent drawings in gold with immersion lines exposed and suggested by the work's suspension.

She features still an installation in which glasses transform into sculptural objects where the white stands out while sustaining diverse objects on top. Also in the show, a drawing that questions the dimension of depth and the tenuous line between liquid frontiers in a series of drawings in which the movement of the spectator may alter the perception of fullness.

Laura Gorski was born in São Paulo in 1982. She's graduated in Industrial Design from Centro Universitário Belas Artes, been featured in the solo shows Paragem, at Zipper Gallery, in 2011; Arquipélago de lugares imaginários, at Studio Buck, in 2013, and Useful Days, at the 20th Cultura Inglesa Festival, in 2016. She participated in residencies in Germany and in Portugal and has pieces in collections from Brasília, Bahia, São Paulo and Porto Alegre. She has exhibited her work in Ribeirão Preto, Santo André, Santos, Goiás, Salvador, Campinas, Porto Alegre, Jundiaí, Rio de Janeiro, Brasília, besides Kazakhstan, Portugal, Japan and Germany. This is her second exhibition at Blau Projects, having already participated, under the curatorship of Glaciani Neves, of the show ...pegaríamos as coisas por onde elas crescem, pelo meio, in 2015, as a result of the public call C.LAB, for young curators.

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