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#4 C.LAB Mercosul . Infamous gramaticisms of fear . Curated by Ícaro Ferraz Vidal Jr

Blau Projects inaugurates, on November 18, the exhibition Infamous grammaticism of fear, curated by Ícaro Ferraz Vidal Jr. The exhibition was selected through the #04 C.LAB Mercosul, an open call for young curators, promoted by Blau Projects and currently on its fourth edition. C.LAB promotes an internship between artists, institutions, galleries and curators through exhibitions that reinforce the role of the gallery as an incubator and diffuser of contemporary art. The artists, female only, are the Brazilians Adrianna eu, Flávia Junqueira and Alice Lara, and the Latin-American Alejandra Alarcón, Catalina Jaramillo Quijano and Luciana Damiani.

The exhibition gathers the production of these six Latin-American artists from the notions of the "infamous grammaticism of fear", expression coined by the poet Alberto Lacerda on the poetics of Paula Rego, a Portuguese-British artist whose trajectory is branded by the intertwinement of her personal life, her work and the political history of Portugal. The portrayed "fear" is also a present unconscious collective female fear, that traverses the trajectories of women from all times and that has been more thoroughly examined by feminist movements, putting forth that the female sexuality has always been connected to repressions and tensions. "I had this idea because I work with young female artists for a while and I wanted to show how this fear connected to the condition of women is portrayed in art and also in political terms", says the curator.

The recent search for gender equality, the abuse and feminicide reports, the recent "hashtags" like #meuprimeiroassedio (#myfirstharassment) and #meuamigosecreto (#mysecretfriend) show that the theme is relevant in art as much as in society. For the curator, the process of male valorization also happens in the arts. "The process of valorization of the oeuvre of a female artist tends to be slower and more modest than that of a male artist", he affirms. He also says that a great part of the public collections has an unequal percentage of works by male and female artists. The curator also provokes by asking if there is a female art, opening the debate for still inconclusive issues.


From Rio, Adrianna eu presents Corte e costura, 2007, and O guarda-chuva, 2006; the Bolivian Alejandra Alarcón brings two unexpected pieces titled El corazón de Alicia, 2016, from the series Alicia y su abismo; from Brasília, Alice Lara brings forth Sutileza lasciva, from the series Amores Perros, from 2009; Colombian Catalina Jaramillo Quijanoshows her Compendio de gritos, 2016; from São Paulo, Flávia Junqueiraexhibits the photographic series Em nome do pai #1 e #2, from 2015; and the Uruguaian Luciana Damianipresents the photographic installation Fracción: Ejercício sobre insomnia 1ª Parte: La oscura, from 2012.

#04 C.LAB Mercosul

The current exhibition is the second project selected in the fourth edition of C.LAB Mercosul, that took place in 2017. The first, that produced the show Desarticulaciones, by Argentinean curator María Alejandra Gatti, took place from July 8 and August 12 of 2017. The artists presented in the exhibition were Alan Segal, Lorena Marchetti, Lihuel González, Lorena Fernández and Verónica Gómez, alongside with five writers picked to elaborate a text about each of the works in exhibition.

The projects received from various countries in Latin America were evaluated and selected by an independent committee made up of Brazilian curator Mario Gioia, Colombian curator Santiago Rueda and Argentinean Mariana Rodriguez Iglesias. The selection criteria include relevance in the contemporary artistic production panorama, connections and interchangeability between artists that live and/or work in Latin America, objectivity, feasibility, originality and uniqueness. Both received a financial support of 12 thousand reais to produce their exhibitions.

About C.LAB

Conceived as an independent project from the regular exhibition program at Blau Projects, the annual open call C.LAB selects and supports projects by curators and artists to exhibit in the gallery's space, reinforcing its role as incubator and diffuser of contemporary art.

The first edition, in 2014, resulted in the production and exhibition of the projects Ampulheta, by curator Douglas Negrisolli, and (...) pegaríamos as coisas onde elas crescem, pelo meio (...), by curator Galciani Neves. In 2015, the second edition of C.LAB presented as a result the exhibition Na Iminência, by curator Carolina Soares and Território, povoação, by curators Gabriel Bogossian and Juliana Gontijo. In 2016, there were two selected curatorships, Formas de abandonar o corpo - Parte I, by Natália Quinderé, and Miniaturas, maquetes, vodu e outras projeções políticas, by Claudia Rodriguez Ponga Linares. In 2017, the Argentinean curator María Alejandra Gatti presented the project Desarticulaciones, and, nor, there will be the exhibition of the second selected project, Infamous gramaticisms of fear.

The selection committees are independent and have solid evaluation criteria. There have already performed this role names such as the Colombian curator Isabela Villanueva, Argentinean Gachi Prietto, Cuban naturalized Brazilian Andrés Hernandez, German Alfons Hug, Portuguese Marta Mestre and Brazilian Rafael Fonseca. More information: 

Ícaro Ferraz Vidal Jr.

Born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, with a master’s degree in Communication and Culture from UFRJ and also from the University of Lisbon, in Trans versatilities in the European Humanities. He did his doctorate studies in Cultural Studies in Literary Interzones at the University of Bergamo, in Italy. He co-curated with Hermano Callou the retrospective Harun Farocki: diante das imagens do mundo, at MAM-RJ, in 2012, and the exhibition Pelle, featuring photographer Fernando Gonçalves, at SPAZIOSTUDIO Galeria, in Milan.
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