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Fotografia-Pintura e o Espírito de um Tempo. Observatório . Ribeirão Preto

Artist Bruno Drolshagen was selected to show at the exhibition Fotografia-Pintura e o Espírito de um Tempo. Observatório. The show is a result of the long-term project by platform Plano A and involves collective exhibitions, debates, talks and the publication of the examined questions in the virtual channels of information for the ample circulation of ideas arisen during the process and is part of the program for the 41st SARP - Ribeirão Preto National-Contemporary Art Salon. This show has as a main theme the current practices of painting and photography in a new generation of artists of the Brazilian contemporary art scene and creates an environment that allows the interchange between its authors and a polyphonic discussion on meanings, priors and trends of this emerging artistic production.

Services: Opening on August 24, at 16h. Until October 08. From Monday to Friday, from 11h to 14h and from 17h to 20h; Saturday, from 10h to 13h and from 14h to 19h. Casa Para Alugar, Rua Visconde de Abaeté, 820, Jardim Sumaré, Ribeirão Preto.