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Blau Projects at ArtBO 2016 . Colombia

The art gallery Blau Projects, from São Paulo, participates in the Bogota International Art Fair, ARTBO, from 27 to 30 October of 2016. The gallery, focused in various contemporary languages such as painting, photography, video, drawing, performance, exists since 2013, and seeks to strengthen the dialogue between public and artists.

For ARTBO, Blau Projects takes paintings from the series Adorei as Almas, by São Paulo artist Rodrigo Bueno. The total of around 20 paintings were made in 2016 by the artist that has already exhibited his works in several countries around the world.

The series Adorei as Almas presents a photographic album of graduates in accounting in 1945 found by the artist in a dumpster in Rio de Janeiro. The so-called 'contadorandos' are in posed photos, in images retouched by the photographers of the time. The artist overlaid interventions to the images, with paintings of indians, caboclos, cowboys, mães de santo, elfs, shamans, and entities related to the African-Brazilian culture.

In Bogota, he intents to search for materials that may create a special piece for the exhibition. "My work speaks of diversity, of seeking, so I go to scraps and local markets to find objects and deeper identities to create a new artwork to exhibit specially in the fair", says the artist.

In São Paulo, he is at the head of Ateliê Mata Adentro. It is a shed in the Lapa neighborhood, in the West zone of São Paulo, where they articulate various creative projects that recover city residue and transform them into ambiances, encounters, paintings and gardens that speak of the continuity of life, of the axis that sustains the whole, of the culture in constant movement.

Rodrigo Bueno

He has a degree in Social Communication from ESPM, in São Paulo, a post-grad in Visual Arts from the School of Visual Arts, in New York, and in Art and Conscience from John F. Kennedy University, in California. His work has been in exhibitions in Curitiba, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and, abroad, in South Africa, Buenos Aires, Belgium, Colombia, the United States, France, Peru, Holland. He has participated in artistic residencies in Colombia and in Trinidad Tobago.


Blau Projects at ARTBO

Booth A55 . Main Section 

Between 27 and 30 October of 2016