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Dialogues in the archives . Cerveira Biennial Foundation

Twenty of the best pieces of contemporary art of the archives of the Cerveira Art Biennial Foundation will be exhibited in Vigo, in Spain, until May 04. Paisagem Flutuante, by Laura Gorski, is among the selected works that propose, according to the artistic coordinator of the collection, Cabral Pinto, transferable readings, provoked by the used language and by the degree of complexity of each one: sometimes descriptive or metaphorical, others, emblematic or symbolic.

Service: From April 08 to May 04, from Wednesdays to Fridays, from 5pm to 8pm; Saturdays and Sundays, from 12pm to 2:30pm. Centro Cultural Português do Camões, Instituto da Cooperação e da Língua em Vigo, Spain.