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QAP: Tá na escuta? . Path Festival

The Arte Atual Festival 2017, that marks the participation of Instituto Tomie Ohtake at Path Festival will have an unseen format, strengthening the experimental character of its curatorial party and the opening for young artists. This edition project, conceived by curator Paulo Miyada and his team at the Research and curatorship core of the institution, puts the artist in particular contact with the public to reflect on the available communication resources and experiment possibilities on listening methods.

The artists - Aleta Valente, Daniel Jablonski, Henrique Cesar, Ícaro Lira/Júlia Coelho, Raquel Nava/Cila MacDowell and Renata Cruz - were invited, but not to exhibit their work. In QAP: Tá na escuta?, a title that alludes to the acronym used by radio operators, the idea is that the exhibition rooms would be occupied by invited to get in direct contact with the artists, through the phone, postals or virtual means.

Service: From May 5 to 21. From Tuesday to Sunday, from 11am to 8pm. Instituto Tomie Ohtake, Av Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 201, Pinheiros, São Paulo.