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Participation at channel Arte1 series announced

Canal performs Arte1 series on the production of 13 contemporary artists 

The Arte1 Channel shows starting this Sunday, 05/25/14, at 17:30, the first episode of the series "An Artist", which involved 13 young contemporary artists that have received attention from critics and the market. Each episode is 30 minutes and talks about the production and the poetics of each artist. Directed by Markus Avaloni, the early chapters discuss the work of São Paulo André Komatsu and Carla Chaim, with replays on Wednesdays (18:00 and 18:30) and Fridays (19:00 and 19:30 am), then comes Flávio Cerqueira, William Neumann, Jimson Vilela, Kleber Matheus, Marina Rheingantz, Marcone Moreira, Rafael Carneiro, Rodrigo Braga, Sofia Borges, James and Tony Camargo Tebet.


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