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Solo Projects at ArtRio 2014

Blau Projects is present in the edition of 2014 ArtRio that takes place between the 10th and 14th of September at Pier Mauá, in Rio de Janeiro. In his first appearance, this gallery features rural man, series of 10 unpublished photos of Marcone Moreira, beyond video Absent Presence, the same artist. The project will be exhibited at the space Vista, focused on young galleries focusing on emerging contemporary art.

The gallery features in ArtRio the photographic series Homem Rural and the video Ausente Presença, both of Maranhão artist Marcone Moreira. The series of photos contains 10 images of the artist in a bucolic landscape mimicked typical situations in the locality, such as playing viola, watering the orchard, sitting by the river. Inspired by Almeida Júnior, regionalist painter of the nineteenth century, the artist entices the viewer to question topics such as Brazilianness and the theme of identity in images made in Minas Gerais.

The video Ausente Presença, the artist reproduces the own feet in mold of ceramic and shows the action, in a fixed frontal act, of the softened material, and the action of his feet on it. In common, the photographs and the video bring insertion artist with works in your body and the search for identity and roots. The material never before used by the artist was, according to him, the trigger of his first aesthetic experience, in childhood.