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Solo show at Paço das Artes

The artist Bruno Moreschi was invited by Priscila Arantes, director and curator of the Paço das Artes, to present the final results and the production process of the project ART BOOK, an encyclopedia of 50 fictional artists and their 311 works. "That's how ART BOOK is presented at Sala de Leitura (Reading Room), as a kind of cartographic diagram of mental, visual and iconographic maps that accompanied the creation of the fictional encyclopedia," says Priscila Arantes. 

Started in 2012 and completed in 2014, the art project ART BOOK is the result of a study of Moreschi on visual and textual patterns found in several books of art history. 

In this exhibition, the artist expands its research and presents for the first time not only a conducive place to read ART BOOK, but also a mosaic made ??up of over 700 images, which served as reference for the creation of fictional works found in the encyclopedia. The immense visual atlas shows the foregoing is not restricted to images of works of art, but also the most diverse visual content that spread in books, on social networks, in the urban context, advertising, journalism etc. 

By gathering these images from their visual similarities and their types of speeches, Moreschi creates a kind of schizophrenic narrative. The main reference for the creation of installation are the visual research of the German historian Aby Warburg, who, between 1924 and 1929, created his Mnemosyne Atlas, a collection of images from different eras arranged for visual approaches. 

As well as studies of Warburg, Reading Room also presents itself as an attempt to construct a history of art not from authors, times and historical contexts, but from a story of the eye where images from different origins approach from their visualities. 

According to the director and curator of Paço das Artes, ART BOOK launches attention also to two fundamental issues: the construction procedures of art history and processes of legitimation. "In this sense the project allows us to understand the historical document file and not as a neutral and free device, but alerts us to the games of power implicit in the discursive constructions". 

Priscila Arantes also stresses the importance of the show for the institution, "to Paço das Artes, an institution dedicated to the promotion, dissemination and memory of the young Brazilian art, and his present ART BOOK Reading Room, is not only an opportunity to bring to the public this work so unique, but especially to give to do a project that is linked to concerns about the file and the memory of the young Brazilian art has been part of our work in recent years. "


Encyclopedia of artists from fictional content. The work features biographies, pictures of work and statements of 50 artists invented. The contents of the book, including 311 photographed works, texts and the layout was produced by the artist himself. The result is published in Portuguese, English and Spanish that resembles other true encyclopedias found in libraries and bookstores. 

The project is the result of the master that the artist held at the Institute of Visual Arts at UNICAMP and its theoretical research was partially funded by the Foundation for Research Support of São Paulo (FAPESP). The orientation is the prof. Lygia Arcuri Eluf. In 2012, the artist held a residency of AUIP (Asociación Universitaria Iberoamericana de Postgrado) to produce part of the encyclopedia University of Coimbra, Portugal. The work was also awarded the Funarte Award for Contemporary Art and the Funarte Grant to Stimulate Production of Visual Arts. 

Reading Room | Bruno Moreschi

Opening: July 31, 2014 >> Thursday >> 19h until September 7, 2014

On the same occasion, the opening of the exhibit "Extinction!" Occurs, the artist Suzete Venturelli