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Participation at II International Seminar Visual Culture and Policy

Bruno Moreschi participates in II International Seminar and Visual Culture Policy that happens at the State University of Campinas (Unicamp), between the 4th and November 6th 2014, 2nd. edition of the International Seminar on Visual Culture & History, sponsored by GT Visual Culture, Photography and History of ANPUH, the Graduate Program in History and the Arts Institute.

As in the previous edition, the proposal is to disseminate original researches and to discuss the established themes, either by theoretical bias or methodological practice of a central theme of these fields of knowledge. In this edition, the workshop focuses on the relationships between image, visual culture and history. Considerings its range, contemplates the debate with expository forms, collections, public spaces, the protocols of jagged objects and a discussion of the practical learning of visual culture. 


Bruno Moreschi is part of the discussion "Visual Culture and Expositive Means" that happens on Wednesday, November 5, 9:30 AM. 

Description: The visibility as a strategy of incorporation of visual culture (the collection of artifacts, through the exhibitions and the media), allows us to analyze the relationships between images and expository forms, considering the diversity of approaches and professional experiences of Ana Maria Belluzzo, Flavia Tatsch, Valeria Piccoli, Bruno Moreschi. Thus, the visibility does not behave as a neutral or homogeneous instance. Wonders whether this status visibility and their historical differences in diachrony and synchrony, tinting the notions of visuality in play.


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