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Promoted by Blau Projects, C.LAB, bid aimed towards curators, is in its second edition, this time extending its acting spectrum and opening entries for latin american projects. After receiving 26 project entries by curators from countries like Argentina, Bolívia, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Mexico and Uruguai, the selecting committee, formed by curadores of different countries - one german, one portuguese and one brazilian -, chose two projects: Território, Povoação, by Juliana Gontijo and Gabriel Bogossian, and Na Eminência, by Carolina Soares.

The choice of the projects was made by the selection committee formed by Alfons Hug, director of Goethe Institut and curator of the Latin American Pavilion in Veneza’s Bienal of 2015; Marta Mestre, joint curator of Museu de Arte Moderna, from Rio de Janeiro, and Rafael Fonseca, joint curator of Mercosul’s Bienal of 2015. The selection criteria include relevance in the contemporary artistic production panorama, connections and exchange between artists that live and/or work in Latin America, objectivity, visibility and originality.

The independent initiative has the objective of promoting connection between curators and artists of all of Latin America, granting financial aid of R$15 thousand to each collective project that will be exhibited in the gallery’s space. Both exhibitions will take place between June and August of 2015 and between December and February of 2016.


In Território, Povoação, the pair of curators Gabriel Bogosian and Juliana Gontijo present five latin-american artists that work with a theme common to all of the continent, which is the territory and its issues of occupation, colonization, land dispute in agrarian, environmental and ethnical contexts. The project’s name is a reference to the title of a collection of classes that french Michel Foucault lectured in France, during the 1970s, investigating the relationship between the transformation of the forms of government and the change in the territories’ comprehension.

The chosen artists are the peruvian Ximena Garrido-Lecca, with the video Contornos, of 2014; the argentinian Julián D’Angiolillo, with the installation Antropolis, of 2011; the colombian Carlos Guzmán, with the video Colheita, of 2015, the bolivian Andrés Bedoya with the videos Rio Adentro (2014) and Rio Negro (2014) and the brazialian Vítor Leggy, with the works of the series "Uma reflexão sobre ciclos irregulares”.

In Na Eminência, by the curator Carolina Soares, six artists were selected, from these, three are colombian: Ana Karina Morena, with the digital photograph Clausurado (from the series Bolivar Bolos Club), of 2010; Camila Echeverría Martíneza, with the photograph Bogotá Fragmentada, of 2014, and Camilo Ordóñez Robayo, with the installation Memoria Colonial, of 2010. Among the brazilians, it is possible to highlight the choice for installations in all the artists’ works; Haroldo Saboia, with Como Construir um Diagrama, from 2014; Jaime Lauriano, with A História se Encerra em Mim, from 2013, and Reginaldo Pereira, with the Untitled work, of 2015.

In this curatorial project, the search is for failure as a necessary condition for new attempts and new beginnings. The objective of the project is to gather brazilian and colombian artists to think about in which way the works reflect upon contemporality.