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Territórios Forjados #3 at Museu Histórico e Cultural de Jundiaí

After being in some importante artistic institutions in the Rio - São Paulo axis, the Secretaria de Estado da Cultura de São Paulo, in a partnership with the ceramic factories of Grupo Nivoloni and Museu Solar do Barão museu, have the honor of presenting to the public of Jundiaí the exhibition Territórios Forjados #3, a project that won 2 [two] prizes from the culture ministry, one from the state government of São Paulo and prize of Temporada 2015 do Paço das Artes.

With a set of two grate works produced through the manipulation of types of bricks in factories in the Jundiaí region, city where the artist was born, Museu Histórico e Cultural de Jundiaí Solar do Barão opens the exhibition Territórios Forjados #3, August 7th, by artist Andrey Zignnatto. Until August 27th, the public can see the mega-installation "Erosões", an installation that goes through three museu rooms, and "Empilhamento de Estruturas Falidas".

The self-taught artist, born in Jundiaí, develops works with several types of materials, supports and languages [installations, sculptures, drawings, objects, photography, videos] as the result of researches initially made in 5 years inside a brick factory in his natal city of Jundiaí - in the suburbs of São Paulo. The ideas for the making of his works come from the brick, its production process, daily situations in the brick factory, as well as his impressions about the factory environment.

The same way, Zignnatto developed a second research that he considers to be an extension of the first, this time made inside an atelier, where he also produces works related to the physical space. This way, the atelier, as much as a place of production for his work, becomes the subject of the series "Estudos Para Novas Propostas de Interpretações do Espaço Físico". In this series, the artist develops his work appropriating and altering the functional characteristics of instruments used to make technical projects, like different types of rulers, graded symmetrical paper, plummets, and others.

Through this process, the set of works question the formal traditions of cartesian principals of the language of interpretation of the material world, proposing a renewed thought on the dynamics in reading the physical universe and its signals.


August 7th, at 7PM



8 to 27 August of 2015

Tuesdays to Fridays, from 9AM to 5PM

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Museu Histórico e Cultural de Jundiaí Solar do Barão

Rua Barão de Jundiaí, 762, Centro, Jundiaí - SP

[+55 11] 4521.6259