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Instalation at Espacio Titilaka

In an unprecedented partnership between Blau Projects and Espacio Titilaka, artist Renata Cruz performs her first solo exhibitions in Lima, Peru. Opening on September 23,No Reino dos Camuflados, Área de Soltura brings works made by the artist together with the inhabitants of the region of Puno. 

The exhibitions consists of an installation where several brasiliana and andino birds let go of books and scatter over the wall of Espacio Titilaka, between fragments from the books of British author Virginia Woolf and music lyrics from "Brejo da Cruz”, by Chico Buarque. The installation was developed together with the community of Puno during a brief residency that the artist will do in the region in September, interacting, living and practicing plastic exercises with the inhabitants of all ages.

The project appeared upon an invitation by Laura Fantozzi, responsible for the non-profit association Kusimayo, that works to make life conditions of children and adults affected by poverty in Peru. Fantozzi got to know Renata’s work at Blau Project’s stand at Pinta Miami art fair, in 2014, and saw in her work a rich opportunity of exchange and partnership with the projects of Kusimayo.

Thus, Renata Cruz travels to Peru with her newest project,No Reino dos Camuflados, Área de Soltura, in which she catalogs and portrays Brazilian birds and insects so she can "free” them later on the walls of the exhibition space amid texts extracted from the literary universe. In her luggage, the artist is taking some of her works, material and books about Brazilian birds that will be the starting point to establish a dialog with the population of Puni and discover the beings that fly over the vast andine areas, and how they are seen and felt by the local population.

The result of this experience will be shown in the upcoming exhibition in Espacio Titilaka, in Lima, which together with Blau Projects will raise funds for thePrograma Calor para Puno, from Kusimayo association (Proyecto Casa Caliente Limpia), that modifies houses from the high andine region to ease the intense cold that affects the population every year, as well as eliminating 90% of the risks of contamination inside these residencies.

Renata Cruz

She develops her work from collage thinking, as she tries to unite diverse times and spaces creating another time and space. Inside this thought she gives priority to new relationships between text and images, trying to insert and offer characteristics of the literary universe to the elements of the world at the same time in which literature inserts itself in the day-by-day life.


Exhibition No Reino dos Camuflados, Área de Soltura, solo show by Renata Cruz

Opening: September 23, at 7:30 PM

Exhibition period: from september 24 to october 31

Working hours: monda to friday, from 10AM to 8PM; saturday, from 10AM to 1PM

Espacio Titilaka

Av. Saenz Peña 214, Baranco, Lima, 1503, Peru

Telephone: 999977878 | 989211441