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Exhibition at Sesc Rio Preto
The artist Andrey Zignnatto will be in the collective exhibition Cidade Inquieta, at Sesc Rio Preto, between October 15 and December 20. The exhibition is part of the multidisciplinary event "Breu”, that unites more than 100 presentations in various languages. The exhibition Cidade Inquieta seeks to activate the eye for the urban space through the reunion of more than 15 artists’ works, that act in multiple languages and come from diverse origens, provoking very open connections between contemporary art’s territory and the so-called popular art.

The exhibition was articulated by Danilo Oliveira and has work from artists Andrey Zignnatto, Antonio Dorta, Cinthia Marcelle, Claudio Cretti, Henrique César, José Antonio da Silva, Marcelo Cidade, Marcius Galan, Miguelavo, Orlando Fuzinele, Paulo Fuscaldo, Paulo Nimer Pjota, Philippe Barcinski, Profeta das Cores, Tec and 20 other local artists articulated in the Self-curatorial Laboratory.


Cidade Inquieta

Opening: October 15, at 8PM

Exhibition: October 16 to December 20, 2015

From 1PM to 10PM

Sesc Rio Preto

Av. Francisco das Chagas Oliveira, 1333 - São José do Rio Preto - SP