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The gallery Blau Projects announces the results of the third edition of C.LAB Mercosul, edict that focuses on stimulating and encouraging young curators starting their careers. The selected are curator Claudia Rodrigues Ponga Linares, with the project Miniaturas, maquetes, vodu e outras projeções políticas, e Natália Quinderé with Formas de abandonar o corpo - Parte I. Both will receive 15 thousand reais as financial support to produce their exhibitions, that will happen between 2016 and 2017 at Blau Projects gallery. 

Besides this result, there was the award of a residency in Buenos Aires, with a research scholarship at Proyecto PAC: Prácticas Artísticas Contemporáneas in Buenos Aires, with a duration of up to 60 days. The winner in this category is curator Thais Gouveia.

The projects were evaluated and selected by an independent commission composed by Colombian curator Isabela Villanueva, Argentinean Gachi Prieto and Brazilian naturalized Cuban Andrés Hernandez, that has acted as executive coordinator of the department of curatorship of the MAM-SP. The criteria of selection include relevance in the contemporary artistic production panorama, connections and exchange between artists that live and/or work in Latin America, objectivity, feasibility, originality and uniqueness.

The exhibitions will be held between June first and August first of 2016 and between December first 2016 and March first 2017 respectively.

About the C.LAB

Conceived as a project independent  from the regular programming of exhibitions at Blau Projects, the anual award selects and supports projects by independent artists and curators to show in the space of the gallery, strengthening its role as an incubator and broadcaster of contemporary art. The first edition, in 2014, resulted in the production and exhibition of the projects Ampulheta, by curator Douglas Negrisolli, and (...) pegaríamos as coisas onde elas crescem, pelo meio (...), by curator Galciani Neves. In 2015, the second edition of the C.LAB presented, as a result, the exhibitions Na Iminência, by curator Carolina Soares, and Território, povoação, by curators Gabriel Bogosian and Juliana Gontijo